Why Breakfast?

Before deciding to skip morning meals, check this infographic. After perusing this visualization, ladies and gentlemen will think twice before foregoing breakfast essentials.

For most, the wee hours of the morning are reserved for preparing lunches and sending the little ones off to school; this leaves absolutely no time to enjoy breakfast goodies. On average, one in two Americans spend more time thinking about their work attire than their breakfast. It seems breakfast is no longer a priority for individuals.

Surprisingly, 93% of Americans recognized the importance of starting the day on a full stomach, but only 44% said they eat it. The Most Important Meal of the Day graphic shows that those who skip breakfast are 40% more likely to indulge in sweets and 45% fewer vegetables. Tomorrow morning instead of skipping breakfast, grab a boiled egg or some rashes of bacon, handful of berries and bask in a productive and energy-filled day.

paleo breakfast

paleo breakfast4

paleo breakfast

paleo breakfast

paleo breakfast



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