Packaging you can eat

Fruits are brilliantly designed since they come in their own protective packaging, so they’re easy to toss in a bag and eat on the go — this is exactly the thinking behind the David Edwards WikiCells project.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure that food packaging is contributing to the astronomical levels of landfill waste, but WikiCells looks to change that. The edible exterior would be made of different nuts, fruits or seeds, amongst other ingredients so that it is both earth-saving and nutritious. Well, if we get to know the exact ingredients that goes into it we will be able to claim nutrition over edibility, however David definitely is keeping that secret!

The types of food to be contained in these edible pouches include different drinks, thick puddings and even ice cream (similar to the Japanese ‘mochi’ dessert delicacy). Food will be experienced in a new way, which orange juice filling an orange-tasting filling, and wine filling a grape-like shell.

WikiCells is a future-forward concept that could revolutionize the way we snack!

edible packaging

edible packaging

edible packagingedible packaging

edible packaging

edible packaging


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